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Pizza Randomizer

Less thinking. More eating.


Cross It Off!

Less typing. More shopping.


Detect It!

Your thumb on the scales.


Bill Slicer

Tip, Split, Adjust.


Everyone Keyboard



Signal Lamp

Camper, Sailor, Soldier, Spy.


Rockin' Ruler — The original augmented reality ruler.

It's sorta accurate!


iMessage Stickers


Ice Cream Stickers
for iMessage

An ice cream parlor in your pocket!


Manga Sound Effects Stickers
for iMessage

My ❤️ goes ドキドキ.


Musical Notation Stickers
for iMessage

Music music music.



Pfizer & Moderna & AstraZeneca & Johnson&Johnson.
in stylish Helvetica Ampersand

Vaxxed 2 tha MAXX 480p

Vaxxed 2 the MAXX

Separate or Die parody flag


Historically accurate letter spacing,     if you're curious.

6-feet apart, please. Stay safe, everyone

T-shirts & Bags

The word Helvetica set in Arial font

Helvetica, The Shirt

I wear Helvetica on the outside because Helvetica is how I feel on the inside.
(by the way, that's Arial)

Space invaders + Berzerk mashup

Speculative Videogame Shirts

Ruining your childhood memories, one pixel at a time.

Music - Let's break up the band.

Cooper Black is Back - Never left.

This is how I roll - Dumpling skins, cookies, etc.


Web Utilities

Stamp calculator - Figures out how many stamps you'll need for your postage based on what stamps you have available.

FancySearch - 'command line' searching that takes you directly to your search results.

Kempressor - Save data with the power of bad kerning

Ingredient-free - Lists of [ingredient]-free products

What's new?

Dec 2019 - Added ingredient-free

Aug 2019 - Added Kempressor

June 2018 - Added Bill Slicer App

December 2017 - Added Mark It! App

June 2017 - Added Virtual Ruler

June 2017 - Added Ice Cream Stickers for iMessage

March 2017 - Added Fancy Apps section, Musical Notation Stickers, Detecto and Signal Lamp app videos

March 2017 - Removed Today's Comics (no longer works)

2015 - Added sandwich topology Venn diagram

April 2012 - Added video game shirts

February 2012 - Added more 'awesome' shirts

February 2007 - Launched a site dedicated to pictures of little animals: (eaten by a red-tailed hawk)

September 2007 - Added Helvetica, the Shirt

February 2006 - Updated postage rates on Stamp Calculator. Fixed rounding error.